Combat back pain with Mindinsole

Combat back pain with Mindinsole

Mindinsole massaging insoles are a unique new product, designed to ensure comfot with every step and help combat back pain and other common disorders. These phenomenal foot massage insoles provide a holistic solution to a range of everyday disorders and back pains. These exclusive massage insoles offer a combination of ancient medical techniques and the most innovative scientific technologies, to give a satisfying reflexology massage at every step. These outstanding insoles feature massage points at magnets in key areas to provide an overall soothing, healing effect throughout the day and night. What’s more, their Airflow design keeps feet cool and fresh at all times. If you’re troubled by constant back ache, these novel orthopaedic insoles can help reduce pain and enhance comfort while on the move.



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Reasons you suffer back pain and ways Mindinsole can help

Back pain is a very common condition, affecting most people at some stage in their life. It’s actually the most common reason people give for taking time off work, and can also affect children and teens. Back pain may occur suddenly and might only last for a few weeks, although some people suffer chronic back pain which can last three months or more.

It’s difficult to know what exactly causes back pain. Some common factors which may mean you are more at risk of developing back pain include:

  • your age, as older people from the age of around 30 or 40 often begin to develop regular back pains
  • low to zero levels of exercise can contribute to back conditions as the muscles in the back become weaker when they are not used
  • being overweight is another factor that contributes to back pain in some people as it causes greater stress on the spine and muscles in the back
  • medical conditions like arthritis or cancer can also contribute to higher levels of back pain
  • lifting incorrectly by using your back to assist with carrying heavy items can be a cause of back pain
  • excessive smoking can reduce the levels of nutrients delivered by the blood to the spinal disks and be a cause of back pain
  • depression and anxiety are known factors for a lot of people with back problems

No matter what the reason for your back pain, Mindinsole insoles start working as soon as they are fitted inside shoes and footwear and bring relief every step along the way. These effective insoles provide an acupressure massage to help reduce levels of pain and stress and are ideal for pain relief when used on a continuous basis throughout the day.

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Mindinsole uses an ancient Asian remedy to help ease the stress of back pain

These Mindinsole massaging insole utilise ancient energy healing techniques to channel the energy forces in the body and open up the flow of energy which contributes to healing throughout your body. Reflexology has its roots in ancient Chinese medicine, while the Chakra healing methodology was first initiated in ancient India. With Chakra healing it’s important to maintain a correct balance in all the seven Chakras of the body.

Mindinsole insoles focus upon three Chakras in the body: the upper Chakra which relates to personal power; the lower Chakra is directed towards promoting body energy; while the core arch Chakra promotes bodily functions.

400 massage points and unique magnets provide a therapeutic and healing massage with every step that’s taken. There are 12 big acupoints for the arch of the foot and 120 medium-sized acupoints for overall soothing and healing. An additional 270 acupoints help increase circulation, while five soothing magnets give added healing utilising magnetic waves of energy.

You’ll discover these soothing insoles will help increase your levels of endurance and cope with the back pain experienced when walking. The increased levels of exercise you are able to maintain while using these insoles will assist with reducing back pains to levels that are easier to cope with, or could even get rid of your pain altogether.


How to use Mindinsole insoles

When you receive your insoles, you’ll discover they are supplied in a universal sizing and will need cutting down to fit your shoes, trainers or boots. You can order insoles for women, which fit sizes 6 to 12, or for men, which will fit size 7 to 13. It’s easy to tailor your insoles to suit specific sizes and foot widths, and a measuring guide is provided with your Mindinsole to help ensure complete accuracy. Don’t worry if you have flat/spread feet as these insoles work well with any type of foot. We’re so sure you’ll be thrilled by the results achieved when you fit Mindinsole, that we can also offer you a limited lifetime warranty on all insoles purchased.


You can wear your Mindinsole massage insoles for any type of activity. So, if you enjoy long hikes or intense workouts at the gym, you’ll discover these wonderful massage insoles will provide the added energy boosts needed to enhance your exercise sessions.

If you only buy one set of Mindinsole insoles you can transfer them easily between shoes and footwear. But, we would recommend you buy several sets of insoles, as all footwear is in slightly different sizes and designs, so tailoring your insoles to suit different shoes will ensure the correct fit every time.


What customers are saying about Mindinsole?

We’ve had nothing but rave reviews for Mindinsole massage insoles. For example:

Priya S.: A recent client has said that her insoles don’t hurt at all and that every step she takes she feels she is experiencing a total foot massage. She is thrilled with the higher energy levels she experiences when using her Mindinsole massage insoles and regularly uses them when out hiking.


Sue B.: Commented that her chronic back pain has reduced substantially since using Mindinsole. She explains that she had cut down on exercise a lot due to the intense back pain she experienced, but as soon as she received her first set of Mindinsole she made efforts to walk more regularly and increase lengths of walks each day. Since she first started using Mindinsole the pains in her back became more manageable and after a couple of months she found the chronic pains had reduced to levels that were easily manageable. She ordered three more sets of insoles, to ensure all her regular footwear is custom-fitted with massage insoles and she hopes she will never again experience such severe back pain. She says that the increased exercise she is taking has also contributed to her overall well-being and she is seeing significant weight loss as well.


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Hugh J.: uses Mindinsole insoles when working out in the gym. He says that his workouts are far more enjoyable when he’s got the insoles fitted, as the levels of energy available throughout intense sessions are heightened. He has nothing but praise for these outstanding massage insoles and has recommended them to all his gym buddies. You can buy Mindinsole online, no prescription for these therapeutic massage insoles is needed. Check out the coupon/offer on our website to save substantially on the recommended price of these fantastic massage insoles. You won’t regret buying your first set of Mindinsole, indeed, we’re convinced you’ll soon be back to order more of these pain-relieving, energy enhancing foot massage insoles.


Ezekiel G.: Can you imagine giving two hour fitness sessions to athletic footballers if you can’t stand up for longer than 5 minutes without experiencing crippling pain? That was my position not long ago. After an injury in a match, my back started to stiffen up. Soon, I was finding it hard to walk, and running was out of the question. Painkillers seemed to have no effect, and physiotherapy became more and more painful. So I gave Mindinsole a try. When I slipped the insole into my boots, I wasn’t confident. I didn’t see how an insole could ease back pain – but I was wrong, totally wrong. Suddenly, my posture improved and my back relaxed. It felt like the pain flew away, restoring my fitness. I know it wasn’t like that, but somehow these insoles helped my muscles recover. Now I’m a committed user and buy new Mindinsole insoles every month. If you have back pain, you’d be a fool not to investigate what Mindinsole can do for you.


Dermot L.: When you have to handle classes of 30 noisy, energetic and – sometimes – disobedient 14 year-olds, you can’t afford time out to rest your back. For years, I found teaching easy. I could get around the classroom, give hour long presentations, and even play in the staff football team. But last year, everything changed. Almost overnight, my back seized up and the pain wouldn’t ease. NSAIDs and stronger painkillers had very little effect, and I had to take time off work, which I hate to do. Thankfully, a pupil emailed me a suggestion. Their dad had used Mindinsole to deal with pain, they thought it could work for me. I had nothing to lose, so I took their advice, and I’, glad I did. The insoles had an instant impact, releasing my knotted back muscles, and making seizures a thing of the past. I don’t know how they work, but if you see these insoles in a Mindinsole sale, snap them up. There’s no better treatment for chronic back pain.

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